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Module Details

Course : P-05. Personality Theories

Subject : Psychology

No. of Modules : 40

Level : PG

Source : E-PG Pathshala


Sr. No. Title E-Text Video URL Metadata
1 M-04. needs and motives: basic concepts, the three motives- achievement, power and intimacy - Click Here
2 M-02. introduction to the dispositional domain, gordon allport's trait approach - Click Here
3 M-03. factor-analytic trait theories: raymond cattell, the big five model - Click Here
4 M-01. introduction to the study of personality - Click Here
5 M-08. psychoanalysis: sigmund freud part-i - Click Here
6 M-06. the dispositional domain: applications and critique - Click Here
7 M-12. psychoanalytic social theory: karen horney - Click Here
8 M-13. humanistic psychoanalysis: erich fromm - Click Here
9 M-10. analytical psychology: carl gustav jung - Click Here
10 M-07.introduction to the psychodynamic domain - Click Here
11 M-09.psychoanalysis: sigmund freud part-ii - Click Here
12 M-11.individual psychology:alfred adler - Click Here
13 M-05. murray's theory of needs - Click Here
14 M-17. object relation theories: melaine klein, margaret mahler - Click Here
15 M-18. psychodynamic approach: applications and critique - Click Here
16 M-19. introduction to humanistic-existential approach - Click Here
17 M-14. interpersonal theory: harry stack sullivan - Click Here
18 M-16. ego psychology: anna freud, h. hartmann - Click Here
19 M-21.need hierarchy theory: abraham maslow - Click Here
20 M-20.person-centred theory: carl rogers - Click Here
21 M-15.psychosocial theory: erik erikson - Click Here
22 M-22.existential psychology: rollo may - Click Here
23 M-26. social cognitive theory: albert bandura - Click Here
24 M-25. behavioral analysis: b.f. skinner - Click Here
25 M-29.cognitive affective personality system: walter mischel and yuichi shoda - Click Here
26 M-30. behavioral and social cognitive domain: applications and critique - Click Here
27 M-23. applications and critique of humanistic-existential domain - Click Here
28 M-24. introduction to behavioral and social cognitive domain - Click Here
29 M-28.personal construct theory: george kelly - Click Here
30 learning theory: julian rotter - Click Here
31 M-31. genetics and personality - Click Here
32 M-34. gender and personality - Click Here
33 M-37. self and identity in buddhist tradition - Click Here
34 M-36. self and identity in yoga tradition - Click Here
35 M-33. physiological approaches to personality - Click Here
36 M-32. evolutionary approaches to personality - Click Here
37 M-38. introduction to personality assessment - Click Here
38 M-35.culture and personality - Click Here
39 M-40. projective techniques - Click Here
40 M-39. personality inventories - Click Here