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Module Details

Course : P-16. Community Psychology

Subject : Psychology

No. of Modules : 40

Level : PG

Source : E-PG Pathshala


Sr. No. Title E-Text Video URL Metadata
1 M-02. disenchantment with clinical pathology- historical perspectives - Click Here
2 M-01. the introduction of community psychology - Click Here
3 M-06. the formative contexts of community psychology - Click Here
4 M-11. research methods in community psyhchology -qualitative and quanititative - Click Here
5 M-09. moving towards a global community psychology - Click Here
6 M-07. role of community psychologists - Click Here
7 M-05. community psychology as a linking science and practice - Click Here
8 M-10. the aims of community research - Click Here
9 M-03. ecological levels of analysis - Click Here
10 M-08. community psychology in india - Click Here
11 M-04. core values in community psychology - - Click Here
12 M-12. integrating qualitative and quantitative methods - Click Here
13 M-18. social support- theory and model of a family - Click Here
14 M-20. prevention of disorder and promotion of wellness programs - Click Here
15 M-17. adaptation, vulnerability, crisis resolution and coping - Click Here
16 M-19. basic concepts in prevention - Click Here
17 M-13. questions and issues of defining sense of community - Click Here
18 M-16. psychological conceptions of the environment - Click Here
19 M-14. ecological analogy - Click Here
20 M-15. principles and practices - Click Here
21 M-28. empowering practices and settings of community psychology - Click Here
22 M-21. successful prevention and promotion programs cost effective and feasible - Click Here
23 M-25. organizational model of mental health - Click Here
24 M-26. the ecological model of mental health - Click Here
25 M-24. social model of mental health - Click Here
26 M-22. implementation programs - Click Here
27 M-23. mental health model - Click Here
28 M-27. empowerment and citizen participation - Click Here
29 M-29. mental health interventions in india - Click Here
30 M-35. issues and challenges of mental health in india - Click Here
31 M-36. science, politics and ethics of community intervention - Click Here
32 M-31. evaluation of cbr-training the paraprofessionals and non professionals - Click Here
33 M-38. mental health evaluation in everyday life - Click Here
34 M-32. types, nature and dynamics of shg - Click Here
35 M-37. science, politics and social context of research - Click Here
36 M-33. the social context of change - Click Here
37 M-30. issues, principles and programs - Click Here
38 M-34. the creation of new settings. - Click Here
39 M-40. linking program evaluation to program development - Click Here
40 M-39. a model of program evaluation - Click Here